Lau Dan’s Response When Son Hawick Lau Gets Mocked for Not Being as Successful as Ex-Wife Yang Mi

lau dan hawick lau yang mi

Many of us know that Hong Kong actor Hawick Lau and Chinese actress Yang Mi have been divorced since December 2018. The former couple have joint custody over their six-year-old daughter, Noemi aka ‘Little Sticky Rice’ though it’s been common knowledge that Noemi has been living in Hong Kong with her grandparents. 

In a recent event, the 76-year-old HK veteran actor Lau Dan very delightedly talked about his granddaughter, Noemi, praising that she’s a sweet talker who makes grandma very happy. He also added that she would have video calls with her father, Hawick, everyday. 

hawick lau l'orage

Given that Hawick hasn’t really been in the spotlight in the past two years, he’s been mocked for having a much smaller workload compared to Yang Mi. When asked about this, Lau Dan responded, “His purpose is to challenge himself so he turned down two TV series in order to do a stage play.” The play is in Mainland China so Hawick will be away from his daughter for the time being.

Hawick Lau had previously taken to social media to share the script of the stage play L’Orage 雷雨 where he will play Zhou Ping. It is also known as Thunderstorm which is one of the late Chinese playwright Cao Yu’s best works.

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