Jiang Zhenyu Attracts Romance Rumours After Being Spotted With a Man, Management Issues a Statement Denying It

Jiang Zhenyu FI
Jiang Zhenyu

It’s been a tough couple of months for actress turned idol trainee Jiang Zhenyu. After being forced to prematurely withdraw from the survival show Chuang 2020 because of a neck injury, Jiang Zhenyu later revealed that she was diagnosed with cervical spine issues and might not even dance again.  Lately however, it appears the former idol contestant might have a new bright spot in her life if rumours of a romance are to be believed.

Jiang Zhenyu was recently spotted out and about town with an unknown man in Beijing. According to media reports, Jiang Zhenyu spent the night at the man’s place after he was earlier spotted approaching her car to hand over a key to his house. The next day, the pair were seen at the basement of his residence before driving off together towards Jiang Zhenyu’s house. Upon getting off, the pair were said to have been behaving decidedly couple-y. In the evening, the two were once again photographed grabbing dinner with some friends at a restaurant and the man was seen giving her a kiss on the cheek.

If this is true I’m very happy for her, and I kinda feel bad that some Netizens are saying idols and dating are two things that cannot be mixed. Granted, dating an idol means your significant other has to be mentally and emotionally prepared to deal with lots of things that come with fame.  Not to mention your time is not really yours since it essentially belongs to your work and your fans.  What do you guys think about the unwritten rule that idols aren’t allowed to date? Before branching out to try her hand as an idol trainee in Chuang 2020, Jiang Zhenyu already started in the entertainment industry as an actress, starring in dramas like Lovely Swords Girl and Hello Debate Opponent.


Jiang Zhenyu’s management company Gramarie Entertainment just released a statement to deny the speculations. On their social media page, they wrote:

” The news that came out today about our artiste Jiang Zhenyu’s love affair is false. Our company reserves all rights to resort to legal means in dealing with the unfounded rumours and malicious slander of this case.

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