Chuang 2020 Trainee Jiang Zhenyu Officially Withdraws from the Show Due to Her Injury

Chuang 2020 Trainee Jiang Zhenyu Officially Withdraws from the Show Due to Her Injury
Chuang 2020 创造营2020 contestant Jiang Zhenyu has just formally announced that she is withdrawing from the show due to a neck injury that she sustained while dancing. 

On June 3, it was previously announced that Jiang Zhenyu has suspended her filming activities for the competition to return to Beijing for medical treatment. She later revealed that she was diagnosed with cervical spine issues which is why she had to temporarily leave the show. It’s very unfortunate that she has to leave permanently now as Jiang Zhenyu penned a thoughtful farewell that she posted on Weibo on Jun 19. She wrote: 
Chuang 2020 Trainee Jiang Zhenyu Officially Withdraws from the Show Due to Her Injury
Hi everyone, I am Jiang Jiang. 
During this time, while cooperating with conservative treatment, I did not want to give up any opportunity to find a better means of treatment, so I met various experts. In the process of looking for treatment, what I really cared about was: “When can I return to the stage?” The doctor’s answer was: “Don’t think about the competition anymore, you must first rest well, get treated and observe the progress.” However, I didn’t give up. Every doctor I met I would always ask and every time I asked the answer would always disappoint me. Until I was reexamined today, I still did not hear the answer that i wanted. 
At this moment, I am very dejected. Recalling the few times that I stood on stage, I realized what the word ‘stage’ means to me. For a person like me who is not good at speaking and does not know how to express myself, the stage is the link for me to communicate with the founders (viewers of Chuang 2020) and the world. I especially cherish such experiences and opportunities. 
Thank you to my jiang cha men (fandom) who were under the pressure of not knowing whether or not I would be able to return, yet never gave up in supporting me. You’ve worked hard, I understand everything that you have done for me, but I must also apologize to you, my jiang cha men… This situation has reached the point where I really cannot continue the competition, and if I continue to occupy a spot in the voting rounds without participating, it will also be unfair to the girls who are filming in the camp. So, I would like to solemnly inform everyone: Jiang Zhenyu’s journey in Chuang 2020 has come to an end. I have decided to withdraw from the Chuang 2020 competition. 
Rather than being afraid that I’ve missed out on an opportunity, I am more afraid that my founders who have exhausted their energy to support me ended up waiting for nothing.. 
A ‘girl group’ is my first new attempt in 2020. Because of the accident, I didn’t get the results that I wanted. This will not be the end of the story, don’t be sad for me [hugs]. The road that belongs to us in the future is still very, very long, if anyone asks me: “Have you given up?” I’d say: “No”
At the start of the show, Jiang Zhenyu was one of the contestants who immediately stood out to me when she wowed audiences with her insane dancing abilities. She’s also remained consistently within the top 10 in the rankings. Shows like this tend to portray the hardships in the journey to being an idol and her story ending so abruptly is simply heartbreaking to watch. 
Before Chuang 2020, Jiang Zhenyu is also an actress who starred in dramas like Lovely Swords Girl and Hello Debate Opponent, which coincidentally also stars her fellow trainee Sally Liu Xuening. Having seen her as a dancer first, I wouldn’t have imagined that she’s an all-rounder who acts too. I really hope that she can recover soon. 
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