Gillian Chung Rushed to the Hospital and Receives Stitches After An Early Morning Accident

Gillian Chung Hits Her Head
Gillian Chung

Hong Kong singer-actress Gillian Chung was rushed to the hospital today after sustaining a 6 cm gash on her forehead. According to her management company, the actress was inside her Xiamen hotel room when the accident happened. Poor Gillian had gotten up in the middle of the night to use the toilet and suddenly felt dizzy thus bumping her head on the marble countertop.

After notifying her best friend Joey Yung and Manager Mani Fok both of whom flew out from Beijing to rush to her side, Gillian was taken to the hospital to have her injuries treated and also to receive a brain scan. She was later transferred to a specialist hospital for further reexamination and is said to be in a stable condition according to her manager.

Gillian Chung is currently in Xiamen to film some scenes for her latest project. According to media reports, because of the severity of her head injury, she is mandated to stay in the hospital for further observation. The actress had initially planned to continue filming some of her scenes because today was supposed to be their last day. However, these now have to be pushed back until doctors give her the green light to return to work.

Hopefully, Gillian will be able get back to her feet and be right as rain pretty soon. And crossing our fingers there won’t be further repercussions from her accident.

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