Charlene Choi Quashes Break Up Rumours with Beau Anthony Shek

Charlene Choi FI

Charlene Choi

Both ladies from the Cantopop group Twins seem to have found their way into the news this week as it’s Charlene Choi ’s turn this time when she finally puts to bed the rumours of her split with boyfriend Anthony Shek. Charlene and her beau, heir to his family’s billion dollar mahjong empire, have been dating for three years now since going public with their relationship in 2017.

Naturally, marriage speculations aren’t far behind with rumours even alleging that the sweethearts planned to say their I Do’s soon. Indeed, they seem to be headed in that direction as they both appear to have comfortably integrated into each other’s lives. However, recent chatter says otherwise when reports surfaced that they’ve already broken up.

charlene choi anthony shek

You see, it’s said that Anthony didn’t have any intentions of getting married whilst Charlene seems to have gotten clingier and more possessive as time passes. Whilst not a fan of clubbing, Charlene reportedly tags along with Anthony on nights out on the town but merely sits there all bored and sullen. By some accounts, since getting into a giant row whilst holidaying in the Maldives last December, the pair has been engaged in some sort of a cold war with each other before deciding to finally split.

Anyway, before this rumour can gather any further momentum, Charlene Choi herself made sure to immediately debunk the story. She told media they had it wrong and that she won’t even bother responding to rumours spun out of nothing.

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