Bea Hayden and Jacky Heung’s Marriage Not Yet Valid as They Await Arrival of Baby

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Taiwanese actress-model Bea Hayden Kuo and Hong Kong actor Jacky Heung had their wedding in Capri, Italy back in September 2019. However, despite their heavily publicized romance; there have been many speculations of a rocky marriage among netizens due to reports that the long-distance couple have not yet registered their marriage.

Last July, Jacky’s Mother, producer Tiffany Heung, revealed Bea’s pregnancy during her birthday wish to her son. Ever since the pregnancy announcement, all of Bea’s whereabouts and recent status have been kept secret. Even Jacky Heung has disappeared from the spotlight.

Currently, Bea has been pregnant for 8 or 9 months as she awaits childbirth in Taiwan. Now that she is about to give birth, many fans continue to question if the two are really married or just acting. A few days ago, a copy of the couple’s Notice of Intended Marriage circulated on Weibo, which indicated their marital status as unmarried. Additionally, it can be seen that Bea hasn’t signed the document yet.

notice of intended marriage

According to Sina Entertainment, a spokesperson for Jacky said that they were originally expected to complete their registration in June, but Bea could not come to Hong Kong due to the pandemic. Due to the validity period of 3 months, their registration has expired so they would have to apply again.

Nevertheless, Tiffany Heung has confirmed that Jacky has arrived in Taiwan and is undergoing quarantine so that he can be with his wife as she gives birth. She also mentioned that her son will also take the opportunity to complete their marriage registration in Taiwan.

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