Jacky Heung’s Mum Explains Why He and Bea Hayden Haven’t Gotten Their Marriage Certificates Yet

It has been said that a momma bear always protects her cubs no matter what. 

Netizens have been abuzz with speculation after Jacky Heung let it be known that he and Bea Hayden Kuo have yet to register their marriage.  As you know, the TV couple already tied the knot in a beautiful private ceremony last year. So when Jacky said that they were just waiting for an auspicious date or waiting for a time when they were both not too busy to get their marriage permit, many Netizens were left surprised by the news. 
So before things can get too out of hand (and potentially hurtful as rumours tend to be), Jacky’s mum, media mogul Tiffany Chen cautioned people from talking nonsense about her son and his wife’s “unwed” status, because according to her, as far as the Hong Kong government is concerned, your officially wed the moment you have a ceremony. 
“They are much too busy with work, and Hong Kong requires the banns to be announced for an entire month without objection before a marriage certificate can be issued. To get the marriage certificate from Taiwan, you must first get a certificate confirming your single status from Hong Kong. But that didn’t quite work out when it was brought back to Taiwan since they required us to go back to the Taipei Representative Office in Hong Kong to get the certificate notarized. Then when the lunar new year rolled around, we couldn’t go back to Taiwan because of the epidemic!
Moreover, Bea Hayden originally wanted to hold the second ceremony in her native Taiwan on the 25thof December. But since friends from the mainland couldn’t get visas, it was decided that pushing the ceremony back to sometime in March might be best ” said Madame Chen.
From the looks of things Jacky’s mum seems to be happy with her son’s choice, describing the two as “very loving with each other”, so please don’t worry! A sentiment echoed by her son who shared Madame Chen’s original message with the caption “myself and Bea Hayden are happy together, all is well mum haha.” 
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