Word of Honor Featuring Zhang Zhehan and Simon Gong Jun Also Completes Filming this Week!

Wanderers FI
A Tale of the Wanderers

It’s clearly been a good week for BL adaptions, with Immortality 皓衣行 finally wrapping five months of filming and now Priest’s Word of Honor 山河令, formerly A Tale of the Wanderers 天涯客 aka Tian Ya Ke, which also wrapped up after four. Featuring the new tandem of Zhang Zhehan as Zhou Zishu and Simon Gong Jun as the deceptive Wen Kexing, the newly released stills from the drama’s official page is an early peek at what’s in store for us viewers. Although truthfully speaking, Simon’s red robed photo doesn’t quite give off “I’m the master of Ghost Valley!” vibes now does it.

In the original novel, Zhou Zishu is the leader of the emperor’s secret agency tian chuang (天窗). Tired of all the bloodshed in his life, he leaves the imperial court behind to pursue an ordinary life and roam the famous mountains and rivers of the pugilist world. At first, his days were relaxed and carefree, but because of his intention to perform good deeds, he gets entangled with trouble brewing in the realm. Along his travels, he became friends with the mysterious Wen Kexing.  Superficially, Wen Kexing appears to be a willful and reckless wanderer, when in fact he is the lord and master of an evil cult. When their true identities are exposed, a complicated past emerges.

Word of Honor also features Zhou Ye and Ma Wenyuan as well as Guo JiahaoHuang YoumingSun Xilun and Zhao Qian in supporting roles.

A Tale of the Wanderers Featuring Zhang Zhehan and Simon Gong Jun
A Tale of the Wanderers Featuring Zhang Zhehan and Simon Gong Jun

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