Zheng Shuang Has An Emotional Outburst During Birthday Livestream

zheng shuang livestream

Actress Zheng Shuang who is known for her blunt personality suddenly went on a rant during her livestream held last night to celebrate her birthday today, August 22.

I Can’t Accept This Method of Selling

With live streaming e-commerce being the trend in China, it is quite common to see celebrities participating in a livestream to promote products. Accompanied by livestreamers Mao Meimei and DJ Zijin who were attempting to encourage viewers to buy products, Zheng Shuang who was clearly getting more uncomfortable by the minute said that she did not expect the atmosphere to be so serious. She wanted to share products that she finds interesting through the livestream but did not expect that the format would be to promote products continuously to viewers. As a consumer herself, she expressed that the format doesn’t suit her and that she cannot accept this method of pushing products.

zheng shuang livestream

Zhang Shuang Vents Frustrations

When her co-hosts stepped out leaving Zheng Shuang to speak alone, Zheng Shuang proceeded to vent her frustrations. “I just want to share my thoughts because this is my livestream. I don’t want the two of you here now,” says Zheng Shuang when referring to her two co-hosts. Zheng Shuang went on to say that she got affected, that she’s really uncomfortable and that she won’t livestream anymore in the future unless she can do it in her own style. She also doesn’t care if others say that she screwed up because everything is just for entertainment.

The Other Perspective

A fellow internet celebrity then spoke up on behalf of Mao Meimei to explain that she did not receive any fee to host and wasn’t selling her products. It was Zheng Shuang’s team and the business partners that were selling products. They wanted a professional so they reached out to Mao Meimei to help.

Zijin also took to social media to say that Zheng Shuang sent him a message on WeChat to apologize. Zheng had admitted that she’s quite stubborn, but she doesn’t want to cause problems for Zijin and she’s sorry. Zijin also reflected on the livestream and said that he should’ve done a better job to be more sensitive towards Zheng Shuang’s emotions. In hindsight, maybe they really shouldn’t have mixed business with pleasure and kept the birthday as an occasion to be shared between Zheng Shuang and her fans. 


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