On Being Bold, Zheng Shuang Explains That She’s Done Hiding

zheng shuang
There’s nothing like pushing a quiet person to the edge and seeing her change into a feisty woman. Zheng Shuang is known to be bold when it comes to speaking her mind but would you believe that she was the type of person to shy away before?

In the reality show Meeting Mr. Right, the actress openly talked about how she went from a meek person into someone who now has a reputation for doing or saying things out of the norm. She said that at first, she thought it was for the best as an artist to keep quiet and hide her true feelings. The mindset of hers went on far too long. Due to her tendency to hold back, she ended up having a lot of repressed feelings that she needed express so that everyone can see the true Zheng Shuang. In her words, “I can’t feel myself anymore.”
zheng shuang
She added that she knows herself and does not think she is someone special (okaaay, I’m sure her fans will beg to disagree!) and it’s just because she became popular that people think good of her and want to protect her. She was insecure and felt the need to show everyone her true colors, be it the bad or the good instead of covering any of her flaws because hiding gets tiring over time.
To be honest, even though she may be unconventional at times, she’s still one of the most real artists I’ve come across. She isn’t afraid to show the world her good and bad side, which now make sense since wishes for people to know her for who she really is and not because she’s trying to maintain an image carved for a celebrity.
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