Yang Mi’s Commentary on Co-Star Deng Lun Suddenly Being Cut from Great Escape 2 Angers Fans

yang mi deng lun great escape 2

Seems MangoTV’s sudden deletion of Yang Mi’s commentary about Deng Lun’s “wild run” in a recent episode of Great Escape 2 密室大逃脱 has some of her fans up in arms. In the now deleted footage, Yang Mi joked that the song “what kind of a man are you” would be fitting for him. You see, a frightened Deng Lun was running from monsters chasing him in the dark and in his haste pushed her aside to run to safety.

Deng Lun gained himself a reputation of being the resident scaredy cat of the bunch so his reaction is pretty much in character. Meanwhile, if you didn’t know that they were good friends, some people might misconstrue Yang Mi’s bluntness for being rude.

yang mi great escape 2

Yang Mi and Deng Lun have worked together in other variety shows like Palace Museum in the past so it’s entirely normal that the two became friends. Given the pair’s work history, it’s unsurprising to see Yang Mi giving him grief about it in the later interview. “I’m quite moved the boys protected me and didn’t allow the monsters to get their hands on me. But I didn’t expect to see Deng Lun’s clothes to be equally clean and untouched” says the actress.

The interview which was originally broadcasted for MangoTV members was discovered to have been quietly deleted a few days later. Yang Mi fans allege that it was because Deng Lun fans protested their dissatisfaction.

In their statement, Yang Mi’s official fan club expressed their dismay over the production’s “stealthy” action. “From season one to the present, Yang Mi’s influence has brought alot of attention and loyalty to the show and this cannot be underestimated. Fans have continued to respect and actively support the program. However, deleting the footage of Yang Mi’s interview without giving prior notice not only damages Yang Mi’s interests but also disrespects her. Moreover, the number of false rumours spread because of this incident has seriously affected Yang Mi’s image.”

In response, the team from Great Escape said: “the series regulars for the second season of Great Escape used their wisdom and teamwork to demonstrate their exemplary spirit of pushing forward without fear of difficulties and dangers, allowing people to fall in love with the show… The recent misunderstanding about the editing of the show’s content has us all feeling guilty. In order to make it up to everyone, we’re working overtime reconsidering every shot rigorously and aiming to give an authentic representation in every edit. We hope we can continue to show you a better and more interesting program in the future.”

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