Nicky Wu Mistakenly Tackled by Security on the Variety Show The Irresistible

nicky wu the irresistible

In a recent episode of the Chinese variety show The Irresistible 元气满满的哥哥, there was a case of mistaken identity that came as a bit of a shock to Taiwanese actor Nicky Wu.

If the younger gege (brother) went through great lengths last week in the name of hide and seek, this time, the older gege are the ones in disguises. In trying to devise a way to break through the younger team’s formation, Nicky Wu can be seen disguised as a camera man. Donning a mask, a cap and an all black attire, he’s practically unrecognizable!

nicky wu disguise

As he charged towards the younger team and attempted to zero in on Yang Yang in the fray, Nicky was caught off guard after being suddenly tackled by bodyguards! Park security thought he was dangerous and four or five of them even pinned him to the ground. Another staff shouted, “Security, let him go, he’s an actor!” before he was finally released. The security team apologized profusely afterwards which Nicky coolly accepted repeatedly although he did joke that he’d call the cops.

As many fans were worried about Nicky Wu, he took to social media to say, “Playing hide-and-seek games is just like the process of growing up. There will inevitably be small episodes of bumps on the road. But the important thing is the process. Did you work hard? Were you happy? I know everyone is worried about me. Don’t worry. I’m very happy (Haha). I’m a full-fledged gege (jia you).” His response is very heartwarming! And it is good to see that he is doing fine. 

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