Dylan Wang Turn Into A Watermelon for the Variety Show The Irresistible

In the latest episode from the Chinese variety show The Irresistible 元气满满的哥哥, Dylan Wang had to go through great lengths for a game of hide and seek.

The actor who first got his big break in 2018 as the new Dao Mingsi of Meteor Garden is now part of the new variety show on Hunan TV. The Irresistible has an all-male cast that includes Hu Jun, Cai Quoqing, Li Weijia, Nicky Wu, David Wang Yaoqing, Yang Yang, Cheney Chen Xuedong, Justin Huang Minghao, Dylan Wang and Alan Wang Yanlin. The 10 members are split into two teams with Hu Jun leading the older gege (brother) versus Yang Yang leading the younger gege.

In the segment where the younger team had to hide by way of ingenious disguises, Yang Yang had a clever disguise to make himself look older. It was a good effort but doesn’t work when people are crowding around to take photos of him. On the other hand, Dylan Wang had the most memorable transformation as he literally went all out by turning his head into a watermelon. In fact, he blends right in with the other watermelons on the fruit stand. The makeup technique was realistic with every single detail spot on, and it’s downright hilarious! 

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