Mulan to Premiere Exclusively on Disney Plus; Theater Owner Not Happy

mulan theater owner unhappy

Pandemic or no pandemic, the show as they say, must go on. The folks at Disney obviously took this to heart, announcing that their big budget movie of the year, Mulan, will be going down the digital rabbit hole with an exclusive release on its Disney Plus services. If you’re one of the lucky folks who can access the direct-to-consumer service, Mulan can be yours to enjoy straight from the comforts of your home.

Did anyone say movie night with the girls?

The “new normal” might be the catchword nowadays, but does this also apply to the relationship between the studios and theaters? Mulan’s theater release has already been pushed back so many times that any more delays could spell even more bad news for Disney’s bottom line. In any case, Disney doesn’t want to be poking any bears with a stick right now and has adamantly maintained this is just a one off thing. However, it appears they may have already done so if the photos of a theater owner venting out his dissatisfaction on Mulan promo materials have anything to say.

Mulan will be available on Disney Plus September 4th for an extra USD30 on top of the monthly subscriber fee.

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