Jin Chen Debunks Plastic Surgery Caused Her Crooked Lips

Jin Chen in Sisters Who Make Waves

If you think Gina Jin Chen has had work done on her pretty face, you’re quite far off the mark. Netizens who tuned in to her livestream recently thought she looked “different” with her lopsided lips and considered the possibility of the actress going under the knife. Others have said that her face is an example of a person having too much plastic surgery. However Jin Chen debunked all the plastic surgery rumours by sharing several photos proving her lips are indeed natural.

The Sisters Who Make Waves contestant candidly admitted that her mouth was a bit lopsided but countered that it wasn’t caused by having a facelift or having too much plastic surgery. She playfully wrote on socially media that if one day her lips aren’t “crooked”, that she wouldn’t love it anymore.

A young Jin Chen

The first photo she shared was of herself during childhood. Although it only shows a hint of her right lip tilted slightly higher than the left, you can see that she’s had that quirk ever since she was young. The next two animated photos she shares is much more recent, with one from the show. But you can definitely see that the tilt in her right lip is still there albeit much more pronounced now. So yep, if anything it’s probably just with her facial muscles and how she’s managed to “train” them to favour her right side through the years.

Jin Chen's Crooked Lips

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