Jerry Yan Reveals the One Thing that Barbie Hsu and Shen Yue Have in Common

Jerry Yan gets paired up with the Shancais of both Meteor Garden generations - Barbie Hsu and Shen Yue

Jerry Yan is now back in dramaland after a five-year hiatus, but is still relatively known to be the iconic Dao Ming Si of Meteor Garden. What better way to do a comeback than have some blast from the past, right? In the currently airing drama, Count Your Lucky Stars, he stars opposite Shen Yue who happened to be Meteor Garden 2018‘s Shancai. The 43 year-old actor revealed some fun facts to fans of both Meteor Garden generations.

In a recent interview with News163, Jerry Yan shared one memorable scene that he had with his newest leading lady. He had to be slapped by Shen Yue’s character and it immediately reminded him of a special memory. It was a scene when he was slapped by Barbie Hsu during their Meteor Garden days. To quote him, “Barbie and Shen Yue are the same. They really slap for real. They really hit me hard so at that time, the emotions were very good”. That slap of Barbie almost made him cry and she could not stop apologizing to him, he added.

This scene with Shen Yue definitely goes on to his list of unforgettable scenes because the director told her to just hit him, adding on to the shock value of the scene. He shared that Shen Yue thought she hit him too hard which he thought was fine for their job as actors. Jerry believes that they must be faithful to their characters and find ways to portray them.

jerry yan count your lucky stars

Jerry is mostly known in the entertainment industry as an idol drama actor so he was inevitably asked how he is in starring in another one again. He did not think that this was another idol drama again since a lot of time has passed already when he played Dao Ming Si. Before accepting the role in Count Your Lucky Stars, he kept thinking to himself whether it would be a similar role to his previous ones. However, he realized how much he has grown and changed in the past years through this role. In his own words, “I’m quite excited to see this character on air. It feels a bit like saying goodbye to Dao Ming Si of the past.”

I’m a huge fan of Jerry Yan and this interview is one of the rare ones that he looked happy and relaxed to talk about anything. He kept smiling while reminiscing that Meteor Garden scene with Barbie Hsu and that painful slap by Shen Yue. Most importantly, he looked very thrilled to be back on our screens! He may want to say goodbye to being Dao Ming Si already, but we all know how remarkable that portrayal of his was. After watching this interview, I could not help but wonder still: What luck does Jerry Yan to be slapped hard by the Shancais of both generations?!

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