Carman Lee’s Age Revealed as She Turns 54

carman lee's age

Carman Lee’s age has been a well-kept secret despite her many years in showbiz. The Hong Kong actress who is best known for her role as Gugu aka Xiaolongnu in The Condor Heroes 95 has always been the definition of a timeless beauty. With her birth year undisclosed, there was some speculation that she may be in her late 40’s. As she celebrates her birthday today, August 16, Carman Lee reveals her real age for the first time and shares her thoughts as she enters her mid-fifties. 

On Being a Woman

She writes on social media, “Perhaps, in the eyes of some people, this age is no longer the golden age of a woman, let alone an actress. Some people think that a woman has to be thin when they’re young and has to have some meat on her body when they reach a certain age. However, everyone has different perceptions of beauty, being fat or skinny is meaningless, just be healthy.” For a health buff like Carman Lee, she does think that it is necessary to have some meat, but it should be muscle.

On Being Single

She also reveals that she only laughs and doesn’t refute whenever she’s asked why she’s not yet married. She has always believed that an ideal marriage is to meet the right person at the right time and not to compromise.

Others may think that a woman’s peak has passed after the age of 30, yet she says, “In reality, no matter the time nor the age, we should not stop moving forward, there are always things that I haven’t tried and new things to be curious about. we must keep the interest alive.” She also thanks her parents and remains grateful to the people who have given her work opportunities. “As an actress, to have one classic in this lifetime, I am contented,” says Carman Lee.

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