Louis Koo and Carman Lee reunite 23 years after “ROCH”, who will take the mantle as Xiaolongnu?

Louis Koo Carman Lee reunite after 23 years
To the delight of wuxia fans, Carman Lee recently reprised her role as Xiaolongnu even if just for a day. However, it still felt incomplete without Louis Koo as the two are the beloved leads of The Condor Heroes 95 神雕侠侣. Lo and behold, another round of nostalgia is in order because they have finally reunited for the second time in 23 years. 

Louis Koo Carman Lee Reunion Return of the Condor Heroes
Carman Lee writes on weibo, “It has been 23 years, the feeling is profound, like it wasn’t that long ago. We met once after 16 years on an airplane. Seven years later, we met again last night while having dinner. How many years will the next meeting take?” 
Louis Koo Carman Lee reunite after 23 years
Ever since news of a remake was announced, there have been rumors that rookie actress Eleanor Lee (Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy) will be slated to star. Her name is already reflected on Baidu and there are pictures going around where she’s allegedly costume fitting for Xiaolongnu in an all white dress. 
I’d debunk that theory as there are very similar photos from last year when Eleanor Lee dressed as Nie Xiao Qian in a tribute to A Chinese Ghost Story.

Eleanor Lee Return of the Condor Heroes

Anything is possible until the official reports, so who knows, maybe Eleanor Lee will really be the next Xiaolongnu. What do you think of her potential casting? 
Carman Lee Return of the Condor Heroes
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