Xiao Zhan’ Studio Issues Letter of Apology about Vigorously Guiding Fans

Xiao Zhan Studio Issues Letter of Apology with a Clear Message about Guiding Fans
Back in late February, Xiao Zhan became the subject of backlash due to an uproar over the fanfic site Archive of Our Own (AO3) being blocked in China and spurring what is now known as the 227 incident. The singer-actor became linked to the incident as some of his fans who took issue with a fan fic involving Xiao Zhan and reported it were blamed for the AO3 shutdown. While many months have passed, it seems the issue still lingers. 

On July 14, Xiao Zhan’s studio released a public apology for their past actions and sent a clear message of their intent to guide fans well in the future. As the topic trended on Weibo, it seems that many of Xiao Zhan’s fans echo the sentiments and left comments about reflecting on themselves and supporting the studio. Full translation below. 

Xiao Zhan Studio Apology Letter

Friends, apologies for troubling everyone. 
Today, the Weibo Community Announcement pointed out the many problems in Xiao Zhan studio and stated the adverse consequences that have resulted from these problems. Xiao Zhan studio expresses their full agreement and their deepest apologies. 
Xiao Zhan studio was established with the intent to become a bridge for better communications between Mr. Xiao Zhan and the public, to accurately transmit Xiao Zhan’s work trends and positivity, to promote a healthy mode of interaction and to bring forth Xiao Zhan’s influence as a public figure in order to make more contributions to society. 
For the 9 months that the studio was established, actual results show that we were not able to complete this goal well. We were lacking in proper guidance towards fans. In regards to the disputes that arose due to various reasons, we were unable to respond properly at first instance, which has triggered negative perception and caused groups with different beliefs to come into conflict on social media, caused innocent netizens to be rebuked and attacked and caused trouble to the related departments and everyone’s work. In this regard, we would like to offer our sincerest apologies and say to everyone: “Apologies!”
In the process of serious reflection, we believe that much of the reason for the situation today is due to ourselves. With regards to cyberbullying, no matter who is the one bullying, as mentioned in the announcement, some of them are real fans of Xiao Zhan, some are alternate Weibo accounts from people pretending to be Xiao Zhan fans. However, what’s undeniable is that Xiao Zhan studio was negligent and lacking in managing the fans, which resulted in bad behavior from a portion of ‘Xiao Zhan fans’ and left a bad impression to the public. 
Towards the conflicts, Xiao Zhan studio’s lack of calm and prudence in the many situations has misguided fans and ignited more wide-scale clashes and contradictions. 
With regards to the efforts to properly guide Xiao Zhan’s fans, even though we have started doing this continuously since March 1, but because we didn’t do a good enough work and didn’t consider enough, it is why there is a limit to what everyone can see. But this is something that we will continue to do. Mr. Xiao Zhan and the studio’s stance are as follows: We are against rebuking each other, we are against inciting conflict, against underaged youths irrational consumer behavior and against any attempt to hurt others for whatever reason.
The clean and righteous internet needs everyone to protect it. As one of its members, Xiao Zhan studio knows its duty and responsibility. Towards the uneasiness, trouble and even anger that it has caused, we apologize once more, we will maintain a vigorous attitude in guiding fans and prohibiting the promotion of hate to protect the society and order in the internet. 
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