Xiao Zhan Formally Apologizes for Past Controversy Though He Remains Firm in His Belief that Idols Do Not Control Their Fans

Xiao Zhan Formally Apologizes for Past Controversy Though He Remains Firm in His Belief that Idols Do Not Control Their Fans
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On May 6, Xiao Zhan tells all in an interview with Economic View to address the controversy that has surrounded him earlier this year. Xiao Zhan who is in his late 20’s was a non-showbiz personality when he entered the industry at the age of 23. He says that the responsibility he had to bear from the sudden change was something he’s never dealt with before. Xiao Zhan who shot up to unprecedented fame after The Untamed became the center of a controversy due to disputes involving his fans. 

Xiao Zhan finally opens up about the incident and also explains his recent message on social media where he wrote, “The past is inscribed in my memories, thankful for the well-intended criticisms and corrections, growing up on the way.” 

Xiao Zhan Formally Apologizes to Everyone Affected 
In the interview, he says, “Previously, some disputes involving me occurred and these discussions happened during the most crucial time when the country was fighting the epidemic. Actually, when I was in self quarantine at home, i felt very anxious and apologetic. If these disputes have affected and troubled netizens, I would like to sincerely apologize to them. 

Xiao Zhan Shares Thoughts on Well-Intended Criticisms Versus Malicious Comments
When Xiao Zhan entered showbiz, he stepped onto the stage with no professional training in dancing or singing. He shared that at the time, his friends, mentors and netizens had a lot of well-intended criticisms for him that he was very accepting of because it made him improve. 

However, there are also malicious comments, rumors and slander that wasn’t just directed at him but also troubled his friends and even his family. He shares that they would harm his family. When asked if he felt wronged, he said that instead of feeling wronged, he just couldn’t understand. A friend of his shared a text that perfectly describes his state in the past few months, “When you’re serious, work. When you’re confused, study. When you’re alone, think. When you’re sad, sleep.”

Xiao Zhan Apologizes for Comments He Made When He Was Young
Xiao Zhan also addresses the things he said when he was 19 or 20 even before he got into showbiz. He said that he just started using Weibo that time and had made inappropriate comments which he believes would have caused harm and affected others. He said, “Here I’d like to say, I’d really like to apologize to those affected by the inappropriate comments I have made, and to those who were hurt by those comments, I apologize.”

Disagreeing with the Statement, “Idols Need to Control Their Fans”
Now that Xiao Zhan has amassed a large number of fans, he was asked what his thoughts are on the statement, “Idols need to control their own fans.” Xiao Zhan shares that it’s something he and his staff have discussed and he simply disagrees with it. He said, “Just representing myself, I disagree because I believe that the relationship between myself and the people who like and support me is not that of superior and subordinate. Control – this term. I feel like we’re not superior and subordinate but rather equals. For me, as an actor and a public figure, for me, I need to do my job well, to act my part well, to sing my songs well, to treat my work seriously and to do positive things that I can personally act upon to guide the people who like me. This is something that I really have to do and something I’ve always wanted and currently am doing. To the people who like me, I hope that they won’t do anything extreme to hurt others and even themselves. I hope they can protect and love themselves, live their lives well.”
Xiao Zhan also believes that charity is something that ordinary people should do and that public figures have even more of a responsibility to do so. He also shared that the donation activities that his fans have done were actually spearheaded by the fans which his team supported. 
After the 227 Incident
Ever since Xiao Zhan fans got caught in the 227 incident, one of the biggest criticisms was that the actor hadn’t done enough to control his fans and simply stayed quiet when the controversy blew up. With his apology to netizens, it does feel like he’s addressed every topic as best as he can even though it may have come at a later time than what some expected. Hopefully, he can now move forward from this. 

I keep hearing rumors that The Wolf will air this May? Release dates in China can be really hard to nail down so I’d take every rumor with a grain of salt. One can hope though and if it turns out to be true, it’s about time!  

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