Joe Chen Celebrates One Year Anniversary With Alan Chen

Joe Chen and boyfriend Alan Chen in Finding Mr. Right

How is it that the year has managed to fly by so quickly? It feels like only yesterday when we were just watching the early stages of Joe Chen and Alan Chen’s courtship play out in front of our eyes in last season’s Finding Mr. Right. Hard to believe it’s already been a year to the day they met! Being forced to be on a long distance relationship isn’t exactly the easiest or the best way to spend almost half of your first year as a couple but I sure am glad both Joe and Alan are making it work despite the pandemic making everything harder.

For their first year anniversary, Alan greeted his girlfriend and reminisced about the very first time they met –

Meanwhile, Joe on the other hand wrote a sweet caption about having found not only a lover but a best friend in Alan. 

And yep, taking a peek at the couple’s Instagram Stories, it appears they’ve finally reunited to enjoy some much needed couple down time at the driving range.

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