Jing Tian Candidly Talks About Bungled Double Eyelid Surgery

jing tian double eyelids

If you’re one of those eagle eyed Netizens who thought actress Jing Tian might have had a bit of “work” done on her eyes, you’re not that far off. In a recent live stream, the actress revealed for the first time ever that she had non-incisional eyelid surgery done after getting an allergic reaction using double eyelid stickers intended to make her double eyelids more visible for filming.

Unfortunately for The Glory of Tang Dynasty actress, the resulting “after” didn’t quite have that natural look she was aiming for as the distance between her lashline and her eye fold / double eyelid was noticeably larger. The actress describes the bungled surgery as looking like the eyes of the “sad frog emoji”, which she adds looks like she had a “trench” between her lashline and double eyelid with the upper and lower eyelids quite swollen. If you’re wondering about the sad frog emoji, it’s this: 

jing tian double eyelids

The actress likens her eyes to Pepe the Frog’s

Because of the anxiety she experienced from her failed surgery, the actress cautions Netizens who are thinking of getting some work done to think things through before taking the leap. “If you want to have a minor procedure done or get plastic surgery, consider it carefully before going through with it. Make sure to go with a reputable doctor from a good hospital and ask a lot of detailed questions about the procedure.” After her surgery, Jing Tian said that she regretted getting her eyes done and felt quite depressed for a long time. 

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