Liu Shishi and Ni Ni Set to Star in the TV Remake of Maggie Cheung, Cherie Chung’s 1988 Film ‘Last Romance’

my bestfriend
Anyone who’s grown up watching Hong Kong cinema will be ecstatic to learn that My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 which is the television remake of the 80s classic melodrama Last Romance starring the legendary Maggie Cheung and Cherie Chung has already begun filming this week in Shanghai. 

After the film’s huge success, anyone picking up the gauntlet to star in the remake is sure to be facing big expectations, but I’m confident the strong pairing of female leads Cecilia Liu Shishi and Ni Ni are up to the task. Based on a novel written by Yi Shu, Liu Shishi and Ni Ni play two beautiful girls who become very close friends despite their vastly different backgrounds and upbringing. After high school, life takes each girl on a different path, one heading off to university and having a successful career; while the other seeks to better her fortunes by captivating rich men with her beauty. As the years go by, both their friendship and their love of the same man endures. 
Last romance
If that’s not enough to entice you, the cast is also jam packed with stars such as esteemed actor Chen Daoming who plays the emperor in the drama Joy of Life, Dong Zijian – the always hustling Yang Xun in Like a Flowing River, actor Tian Yu who played Fan Xian’s loyal henchman in Joy of Life, Tony Yang who was Su Mingyu’s romantic interest in last year’s hit All is Well and Eric Yang Le from Serenadeof Peaceful Joy.
I’m so glad to see Liu Shishi starting to get back into the swing of things after two years off of the industry. With her comeback drama To Dear Myself with Zhu Yilong in post production and Last Romance’s TV adaptation in the works, we can surely expect great things from her!
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