Liu Yifei’s Most Recent Post Gets a Thumbs Up from Ex BF Song Seung-heon

liu yifei song seung heon
Mulan actress Crystal Liu Yifei and ex-boyfriend Song Seung-heon – two names I haven’t heard mentioned together for a long time, made a surprise entry on the top trending topics on Chinese social media today for the simple fact that the South Korean actor hit the like button on her most recent selfie post. 

Like us, the actress has been pretty much stuck at home after the Covid-19 pandemic hit hence the more than usual snaps of herself and her self-care activities whilst on lockdown. In her most recent post, Liu Yifei shared a photo of herself with flushed cheeks post yoga sesh which she captioned “I’ve been a little busy lately, I’ve tried all kinds of (photo) filters. Online yoga classes are so good and it doesn’t take too long so you can practice it everyday. It’s good for easing back pain and your spine. Please try it!” A totally normal post for someone looking to do something on lockdown right? But what drew Netizen’s attention was the fact that it received extra “engagement” from her ex, Song Seung-heon!
Liu Yifei and Song Seung-heon met on the set of their romantic film, The Third Way of Love in 2015. After more than two years of dating, the pair called it quits, citing that they just haven’t seen each other enough and have ”naturally” drifted apart because of their busy schedules as the reason for their breakup
From what is publicly known it looks to be like an amicable breakup between the two so I don’t really see the problem with him engaging with her post. Granted, it does appear a tad unusual since they haven’t had any interaction on social media after breaking up. But still, I reckon there’s really no reason for a “Like” on her post to garner so much attention (and a bit of overreaction) from Netizens saying his action was “unacceptable” and that there was no need for him to reappear in her life once again post breakup.
So was it a slip of the thumb as some Netizens speculate? Song Seung-heon’s agency cleared the air, saying the while uploading some content on Weibo about the actor’s newest drama, staff slipped and liked the actress’ post by mistake.
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