Crystal Liu and Song Seung Heon breakup confirmed

Crystal Liu Song Seung Heon breakup
The fictional romance in The Third Way Of Love soon turned real for Chinese actress Crystal Liu Yifei and Korean actor Song Seung Heon who admitted that they were dating in 2015. Given their popularity, the visual pair drew much public attention and even appeared together several times while promoting their movie. Yet in between THAAD and the sparse interactions between the two since then came endless speculations of a breakup. The couple have previously reiterated that they were still dating but it looks like the relationship has finally reached its expiration date. 
According to Korean news outlets, Song Seung Heon’s side have confirmed that the couple broke up due to their busy schedules. Song Seong Heon recently starred in the Korean drama Black while Crystal Liu was confirmed as Disney’s new Mulan while headlining several Chinese movies. It seems understandable that they wouldn’t have a lot of opportunity to get together due to the cross-border nature of the relationship, but it’s still sad to hear. 

Crystal Liu Song Seung Heon breakup The Third Way of Love

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