Paparazzi Photos of Zhang Yixing Smoking Trends on Chinese Social Media

zhang yixing lay
Another topic that’s a bit baffling as to why it’s even made the trending list are paparazzi shots of Lay Zhang Yixing puffing on a cigarette whilst walking and chatting outdoors with his friends. We all know the effects of smoking and if he, a twenty nine year old adult, is aware of the adverse effects of lighting up, then who are we to judge. He’s definitely old enough to make his choice. This isn’t even the first time the singer was photographed having a cigarette. While I’m not a fan of smoking myself, what he does is his own business as long as others within his vicinity don’t mind.

Anyway, this once again brings to mind TF Boy Roy Wang’s smoking controversy last year when the teen idol had to apologise to the public and to his millions of followers after being caught smoking inside a Japanese restaurant where it is prohibited to smoke. Clearly, his young age plus the fact that it was illegal to smoke within a confined public space indoors wasn’t enough to earn him the “get out of jail free card”, hence the apology. I guess the one thing these two stars have in common is being guilty of perhaps not setting a good example for impressionable young people. 
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