Roy Wang issues apology after being caught smoking by paparazzi

Roy Wang issues apology after being caught smoking by paparazzi
Roy Wang Yuan
Things blew up quickly for Roy Wang Yuan after Sohu Yule released an exclusive that showed him smoking a cigarette. On May 20, the actor was having a meal with Haha Farmer variety show co-stars Jia Nailiang and Yang Chaoyue when paparazzi captured footage of him smoking.

roy wang yuan caught smoking by paparazzi
Perhaps it was due to the young idol literally growing up in the eyes of the public and having a squeaky clean image as a member of the boyband TFBoys that resulted in even more intense scrutiny now that he’s 18. Although some netizens found no issue with him smoking, there was also the issue of smoking indoors being disallowed in public places in Beijing. 

jackson yee
Jackson Yee received a certificate from WHO China as the Tobacco Control Champion. 
For the rest of the day, various topics related to Roy Wang trended on social media site Weibo. Some fans said they’ve stop being a fan. An old interview was dug up where Roy said that he thought smoking was bad for the health and wished his dad would quit. His fellow TFBoys member Jackson Yee also trended as the latter was known for being the anti-smoking ambassador. 
Roy Wang Yuan apologizes for smoking
Roy Wang immediately issued a formal apology on the same day. He wrote, “Sorry! This incident has allowed me to reflect on my actions and the negative influence that I have caused on society. I am extremely sorry and ashamed, so sorry for being a bad example, I will bear the consequences and accept any punishment. As a public figure, I will be more careful about my words and actions in the future. Hope that everyone won’t follow my wrongful actions. Again, I would like to apologize to everyone. I will take this as a lesson to become a better adult. 

The Beijing Municipal Health Commission issued a statement that they will be launching an investigation on the restaurant and issuing penalties for any violations. 

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