Some Actors Trying Out New Looks While on Break

Most celebrities have their trademark looks that when they finally decide to change, it takes us by surprise. And now, with the safety measures due to COVID-19, some of our beloved stars have vacant schedules, thus having more time to re-think their styles. 

William Chan
Often seen with a clean-shaven face, this 34-year-old actor goes rugged as he grows a stache while sporting a slicked back hair. IS IT ME OR IS IT GETTING HOT IN HERE?
Li Xian
After seeing William Chan growing some facial hair, our next actor is doing the exact opposite because he shaved his to achieve a clean cut look for his ID photo.
Li Xian’s bad-boy aura in Go Go Squid! made girls squeal but I have a hunch that this good boy vibe is going to have the same effect. 
Dylan Wang
Seeing Meteor Garden‘s Dao Ming Si sporting a buzz cut came as a surprise for me. Dylan Wang unveiled his new hair (or lack thereof) during the Hey, What Are You Doing? 你在干嘛呢 segment with the Happy Camp folks.
Host Li Weijia asked if Dylan was wearing a hat because his hair was too long. Dylan said, “No, it’s because of this [proceeds to show his shaved head].” He said that because he was at home, didn’t have work and didn’t want to wash his hair, he shaved his own head. 
Leo Luo Yunxi
What have we here, Luo Yunxi whose hair is quite long shows a short clip of him getting a quick trim. He said, “at least you can see my eyes now.”
Zhang Zhehan
Now, this might not be counted as changing his looks but it is something new. In contrast to his cool demeanor in Everyone Wants to Meet You, Zhang Zhehan is utterly wacky in some goofy snaps. 


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