Celebrity Couples in Traditional Chinese Wedding Fashion

Celebrity Couples in Traditional Chinese Wedding Fashion
Tang Yan Luo Jin traditional Chinese wedding
It’s been over two weeks and let’s be honest, we still haven’t gotten over the royal-like wedding of Tang Yan and Luo JinWhether in Europe, Bali or China, it’s beautiful to see a piece of tradition being preserved through the festive red and orange that many celebrity couples choose to wear – the bride is often in a qipao aka cheongsam dress and the groom wears the male equivalent called the changshan. 

 traditional Chinese wedding Michelle Chen Chen Xiao
Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen leave the traditional red for an energetic combination of colors.

 traditional Chinese wedding attire Ady An
Ady An and her non-celebrity partner Chen Ronglian keep it simple yet elegant.

 traditional Chinese wedding attire Angelababy Huang Xiaoming
Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy have matching dresses. 

 traditional Chinese wedding attire Myolie Wu
Myolie Wu and her husband Philip Lee go for a black and yellow color scheme. Philip’s robes though are quite plain compared to Myolie.

 traditional Chinese wedding attire Cecilia Liu Shishi Nicky Wu

Cecilia Liu and Nicky Wu‘s are probably my favorite, especially the light pink shades of her dress.  

 traditional Chinese wedding attire Ken Chu

Ken Chu and Vivian Han under the customary umbrella at their beach wedding in Bali.  

 traditional Chinese wedding attire Dai Xiangyu Chen Zihan
Chen Zihan and Dai Xiangyu are adorable in their bright red attires embroidered with the golden dragon and phoenix. 
Ruby Lin Wallace Huo wedding qipao
Ruby Lin in an exquisite qipao next to Wallace Huo in his custom-fitted suit. Shu Qi is the stealthy photobomber a few feet away. 

 traditional Chinese wedding attire Yuan Hong Zhang Xinyi
Yuan Hong holds hands with Zhang Xinyi. Her dress gives a chic interpretation that is different from the traditional outfits that we’re used to seeing. 

Vivian Hsu wedding qipao cheongsam
Vivian Hsu and her businessman husband Sean Lee

Chae Rim Gao Ziqi wedding qipao cheongsam
A cross border wedding with Korean actress Chae Rim and Chinese actor Gao Ziqi

 wedding qipao cheongsam Tong Liya Chen Sicheng
Tong Liya and Chen Sicheng are flamboyantly festive in gold and red. 

Whose outfit did you like best? 


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