TFBoys Headline the 2017 TV Series “Boyhood”

Boyhood 我们的少年时代 is a 40-episode Chinese TV series starring Karry Wang Jun Kai (The Great Wall), Roy Wang Yuan (Legend of Chusen), Jackson Yi Yang Qian Xi (Song of Phoenix), Joker Xue Zhi Qian, Li Xiao Lu and Danson Tang (Xi He Kou Mi Wen). 
It is sunny, youthful and everything that you would expect from a show catered to the TF Boys as they star in their second drama as a group. You probably have to be a fan to fully appreciate it, though there’s nothing like the feels from an earnest sports movie. The plot reminds me a lot of Mighty Ducks and that’s a pretty good start.
During a game between Ying Hua and Ya Lin, Ying Hua is in low spirits due to a losing streak and in spite of efforts by new student Ban Xiao Song to score a point, they are ultimately defeated by Wu Tong from the opposing team. Even so, Ban Xiao Song is determined to keep the team together and evade the threat of disbandment. 
Wu Tong ends up transferring to their school and it is up to the boys whether they can work through their issues to become the team that they aspire to be. They rally others along the way, even bringing in player Yin Ke who has once shunned baseball. 

Release Date: July 9, 2017 Hunan TV (airs everyday at 7:30pm)

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Karry Wang Boyhood
Roy Wang Boyhood
Jackson Yi Boyhood
Xue Zhi Qian Boyhood
Li Xiao Lu Boyhood
Danson Tang Boyhood
Zhang Zi Feng Boyhood
Li Fei Er Boyhood


Yi Yang Qian Xi in Boyhood
Wang Jun Kai in Boyhood
Wang Yuan in Boyhood
Xie Zhi Qian in Boyhood
Li Xiao Lu in Boyhood
Danson Tang in Boyhood
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