Joyce Chan Opens Up for the First Time About “Secretly” Having a Daughter

Joyce Chan
Joyce Chan shares some of the newborn photos she took with her daughter

Joyce Chan has been keeping a wonderful little secret from everyone .. that she’s now a mum! Hong Kong media recently broke the news that the 47-year-old quietly gave birth to a beautiful daughter three years ago. Now that the cat is out of the bag, Joyce finally opens up about her not so little bundle of joy who’s now in kindergarten.

In a short post where she said she’s surprised everyone is still interested in the news, the TVB actress confirmed that indeed she secretly gave birth three years ago. She said she should’ve made the announcement back then, it’s just that with everything going on at the time, she wasn’t in the state of mind to share the happy news to everyone. Plus, she said she’s always been pretty low-key, doing things simply without the unnecessary pomp of announcing things publicly.

This is a precious gift from God that I will definitely cherish” she wrote. And if you’re wondering about her daughter’s father, Joyce specifically told the media not to dwell on it since he’s a simple, non-showbiz person. The actress also made sure to thank friends who reached out and reminded her not to let the paparazzi photos affect her. “I’m okay, nothing’s more important when you’ve lived to see this age. The most important thing is being healthy whether it’s yourself, your family, friends, cats and dogs, we all need to stay healthy” she reassured everyone.

In her heyday, Joyce appeared in a slew of films and dramas such as Untraceable Evidence, Secret of the Heart, Burning Flame and Virtues of Harmony just to name a few. She’s also considered one of the five beauties of TVB during the 90s.

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