Gigi Yim Makes Appearance After Rumours of Being Frozen by TVB, Says She Has a Long-Term Contract

gigi YIm
Photo: Gigi Yim / Weibo

Cantopop singer Gigi Yim frozen? Allegedly so, at least if you listen to her fans who questioned their idol’s two month “disappearance” from the public eye. According to them, this was even more obvious when the singer was glaringly absent from the Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs awarding ceremony last week where she was supposed to be bringing home an award.

When this fanned speculation about her frozen status over alleged contract issues with TVB, Gigi released a three page letter to appease fans. Gigi, who rose to fame after winning TVB’s Stars Academy season one in 2021, also reaffirmed her loyalty to the company and said she wasn’t considering signing with another company.

She Tells Everyone Not to Worry

As for rumours that she’s not renewing her contract, Gigi Yim shared in a recent mall event on June 29 that the reports shouldn’t be true and that she actually has a long-term contract with the company. “I hope everyone does not worry about it so much”. She added that what she truly wanted was to have more opportunities to spend more time with fans who love her. However, it was all up to the company who made these arrangements for her. This also stands as the reason for her recent absences from public engagements, she said.

However, Gigi stressed that the way her engagements were scheduled is nothing out of the ordinary for the company. She also shared her managers are already pretty busy working on a couple of private events where she can meet everyone. As for her failure to appear at the award ceremony last week where she was honoured with an award, the singer remained noticeably vague. “I’m sorry I wasn’t able to participate. I really hope I can attend next time and also be given the opportunity to perform on stage. Thank you everyone, thank you so much to the musicians who helped me make music. I really wanted to be on stage to say thank you to the DJ for awarding me as a top ten singer.

Meanwhile, when asked by reporters why TVB didn’t bother to send reporters to cover her mall event, the 19-year-old simply chalked it up to having a shortage of available staff.

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