Weibo Movie Night 2024 Red Carpet Looks: Hit or Miss?

Wen Qi and Liu Hao Cun

The month of June has ushered in many events in C-ent, with the latest being Weibo Movie Night. This means another fun opportunity to look at the red carpet, which often showcases distinct personalities with fashion choices that are bold and vibrant. Sun Qian made a statement with a backless dress, while Gulinazha, often the talk of the town at red carpet events, opted for a vibrant yellow gown.

While the event certainly delivered on color, the consensus seems to be that a number of female celebs’ dresses were a miss, with many fans taking to their favorite celebrities’ studios to complain about the look and even asking for the stylists to be replaced. Liu Haocun and Vicky Chen (Wen Qi) bore the brunt of criticism for “ugly dresses.” Both actresses, still in their 20s, were critiqued, with some saying Wen Qi dressed older than her age and others noting that Liu Haocun’s face was the only good thing about her dress. On the other hand, stars like Guan Xiaotong, who went with a classic look in vintage couture, still earned some comments suggesting it wasn’t enough to make a significant impact. Meanwhile, singer Chris Lee cheekily poked fun at netizens’ comments about her outfit looking like it was made of “noodles.”

When it comes to dresses, opinions vary greatly that you either love it or hate it. What do you think?

Gao Ye
Sun Qian, Zhong Chu Xi, Guan Xiao Tong, Peng Yu Chang, Zhou Ye
Chris Lee, Zhang Zi Yi, Jin Chen, Ni Ni
Gulinazha and Na Ran

Source: Weibo Movie Night Photos / Actress’ Studios / Weibo

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