TF Family Trainee Zhang Junhao Slammed for Dating Rumors Before Debut

Zhang Jun Hao

Zhang Junhao (张峻豪), a third-generation trainee of TF Family who has yet to debut, recently found himself in hot water with his fans over dating rumors. In response, the 16-year-old aspiring C-pop idol posted a handwritten apology letter on social media, stating that he has now cut off all contact with the girl involved.

As the singer-actor is among the batch of trainees under TF Entertainment competing for a chance to debut, he earnestly pleaded for an opportunity to participate in the “debut battle,” saying, “Let me give an account for my 9-year trainee career and finish the final journey with my teammates.” He also mentioned that he will cease all entertainment activities after the stage performance to deeply reflect on his actions.

Subsequently, TF Fan club shared a statement from his agency, which indicated that Zhang Junhao has been reprimanded for inappropriate verbal interactions with a female classmate. It has been decided that all his entertainment activities will be suspended starting from September 2024. However, they wrote, “Since Zhang Junhao and the female classmate have never met in private, our company believes there was no romantic relationship. After verification, it was confirmed that he had already voluntarily cut off contact before the incident. After careful consideration, the company has allowed Zhang Junhao to participate in the recording of the third-generation trainees’ debut reality show. Regardless of the outcome, Zhang Junhao will suspend all entertainment activities after completing the recording to undergo deep self-reflection.” Some fans want to give him a chance, while others believe it’s unfair to the other trainees and think the opportunity to debut should go to someone else.

Source: Zhang Junhao / Weibo


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