Pakho Chau and Alex Fong’s “Journey to the West” Online Movie Panned by Netizens

Pakho Chau and Alex Fong
Screencap from Revolutionize The World / Youku Youtube

Chinese made-for-web movies have been cropping up everywhere lately likely due to its “lower-budget constraints”. Many of them even feature well-known faces in the industry. This time around, Hong Kong stars Alex Fong and Pakho Chau are appearing in a new online movie that brings to life a story inspired by Journey to the West. However, many did a double take after catching a glimpse at the duo’s onscreen appearance.

The fantasy film, Revolutionize the World 斗转乾坤, follows a character who’s been looking for Pakho’s Monkey King in hopes of bringing down the Six-eared Macaque Monkey, portrayed by Alex Fong. Yet it seems Netizens have quite the bone to pick when it comes to the film’s visuals with criticisms that production has managed to take two good looking actors and make them look so “unattractive.”

Aside from complaining about the CGI and special effects which they say isn’t up to scratch, Netizens had a lot of beef with Alex Fong’s look in particular which they described as “extremely ugly.” From the few glimpses we’ve had of Pakho, his on-screen look seems to have fared slightly better than Alex who totally got the shorter end of the stick makeup wise. Speaking of Alex’s makeup look, the heavy black eyeshadow they used around his eyes is also super heavy and distracting. Perhaps, it was the budget? Nonetheless, these films are being released in droves lately, some even racking up views. I suppose it’s just a matter of being either a hit or miss amongst audiences.

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