NCT Renjun Attempts to Expose Sasaeng Who Turns Out to be a Civilian, SM Issues Apology

NCT's Renjun Exposes Sasaeng Who Turns Out to be a Civilian, SM Issues Apology

Huang Renjun, a Chinese member of the K-pop group NCT, recently came under fire for publicly sharing a stranger’s phone number on the fan app Bubble, believing it belonged to a sasaeng fan. Korean media reports that SM Entertainment has since issued an apology. They wrote, “We sincerely apologize to the person harmed by the disclosure of their contact information on an open platform.” SM stated that they have conveyed their apology to the victim through police and have deleted Huang Renjun’s post on Bubble.

This incident occurred after NCT’s Renjun, who was being bothered by calls from sasaeng fans (stalkers), decided to expose a phone number on Bubble. However, the person whose number he exposed stated they were not a sasaeng and had mistakenly called Renjun’s number only once due to a misdial. With the person’s number exposed, many sent numerous hateful messages and calls to stop bothering Renjun, prompting the person to go to the police.

SM Entertainment issued an apology, stating that Renjun is reflecting on his actions. The 24-year-old idol has been on hiatus since April due to anxiety. Update Jun 21: Renjun also took to social media to issue an apology.

Photo: yellow_3to3 / Instagram

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