Michelle Chen Kicks Off New Age Gap Drama Ignoring Divorce Rumors

Michelle Chen Kicks Off New Drama Ignoring Divorce Rumors
Photos: Michelle Chen and Daniel Zhou Ke Yu / Weibo

Lately, Michelle Chen has been embroiled in rumors of her 8-year marriage with Chen Xiao falling apart. Paparazzi claimed that her husband filed for divorce, left home and changed his phone number in 2023. Neither party responded despite swirling rumors since June 19. Today, Michelle Chen’s recent social media activity seems to shrug off the gossip as she focuses on promoting her new drama, which has just kicked off filming.

The 41-year-old actress and her 22-year-old co-star, Daniel Zhou Keyu, from their modern romance series, “Butterfly Sniper,” (狙击蝴蝶) shared couple photos together, tagging each other on social media. In a short clip, Michelle Chen, in character, playfully tells Zhou Keyu, “Li Wu (his character), call me jie jie (older sister).” The new onscreen couple has sparked conversation, particularly due to their noticeable height difference, with Zhou Keyu standing at over 6 feet tall (188cm) versus Michelle’s 160cm though also noticeable is their age difference of 19 years. Nonetheless, the storyline aligns well with their pairing, as it’s based on a romance novel by Qi Bao Su (七宝酥), which features an older woman-younger man pairing.

Michelle Chen has been at the center of rumors these days not only due to her rumored divorce from Chen Xiao that’s been going on for years, but due to Netizens taking sides despite the couple’s silence. Some even suggest that the buzz is a marketing strategy to pave the way for her new drama. Whatever’s the truth, the actress appears unfazed and ready to get back to work.

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