Lai Guanlin “Quits Showbiz” Few Days After Dating Rumors

Lai Guanlin
Lai Guanlin

In a surprise move, former Wanna One member Edward Lai Guanlin just dropped a huge bomb on fans when he seemingly declared he’s pivoting from showbiz. That’s right. In his announcement on June 14, the idol-actor wrote a short message announcing his intentions and that he’s leaving staff to run his Weibo account of 8.78 million followers . “After careful consideration, I am switching careers. Because of this change in my career path, this account will be managed by staff moving forward”. Barely an hour later, it was already trending in the Chinese hot search.

Kuanlin also updated his profile photo to black.

Prior to this, the Taiwanese star had been on the news over paparazzi photos speculating a new relationship. Two days ago, the 22-year-old star was bashed by some fans for hugging his rumoured girlfriend on the street. Kuanlin didn’t respond to the issue, although dare we say today’s announcement could be construed as his answer?

Some Fans React and Say He Didn’t Care About Them

After a 23 day absence on social media, who knew that his first post back on socials will end up with a announcement especially to his fans who’ve followed him since his Wanna One days in 2017. Many lamented how he’d “forgotten his roots.” “You really don’t care about your fans at all” blasted one fan angrily on his post. “Even if you’re switching your business model, why can’t you even run (your own) Weibo? Do you really not care about your fans? Why won’t you even provide a platform for your fans to communicate?”

Others remain optimistic, believing that there is perhaps still a smidge of hope since he did not say he’s quitting showbiz explicitly and that he’s only handing over his account to his team for management. This has triggered an onslaught of speculation, though what happens next it all up to him.

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