Karena Lam A Year After Her Divorce from Husband of 12 Years

Karena Lam
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Last year, Taiwanese-Canadian actress and singer Karena Lam shared the news that her 12 year marriage was over. In the past decade, the actress has been living her best life as she goes from strength to strength not just in her career – winning a Golden Horse Award for Best Actress in 2015 and adding budding ceramic artist to her list of achievements, but also in her family life what with a doting husband and their two beautiful daughters Kayla and Sofie since her marriage in 2010. Unfortunately, it turns out all was not well in her marriage after all. In July 2023, the 45-year-old singer-actress shared her split from her director husband Steve Yuen Kim Wai was because “they couldn’t get along” due to a difference in their values.

Karena Lam
“Broken Beautiful: Pottery is not just my hobby, it is my life. Because the clay goes hand in hand with my life and reflects all my current emotions.” Photo: Karena Lam Ka Yan / Instagram

Now, almost a year later, it appears the single mum didn’t let her divorce keep her down for long, continuing instead to keep busy not just with her kids but with her work. In fact Karena just held her first solo exhibition as a ceramic artist titled “Broken Beautiful” in Taiwan.

With a career spanning almost three decades since her teenage years, the pop singer-turned film actress has become a familiar face in the entertainment industry, renowned for her captivating smile. Despite the passing years, Karena continues to grace the screen, with her latest venture being an appearance in the upcoming Herman Yau film, “Customs Frontline,” alongside Jacky Cheung and Nicholas Tse. However, her recent makeup free off-camera appearance wearing a patterned loose dress and beaded jewellery promoting her event have sparked mixed reactions. Some observers have remarked on the emergence of dark circles under her eyes and the faint wrinkles around her mouth. “Time is not forgiving” someone said. Nevertheless, others continue to praise her enduring beauty and infectious smile. On the other hand, it could well be that she’s just tired from all the work that goes into preparing for a solo exhibition.

Karena Lam
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