Ju Jingyi Refutes Agency’s Contract Renewal Claims, Loses Access to Her Studio’s Social Media

Ju Jingyi Refutes Agency's Contract Renewal Claims, Loses Access to Her Studio's Social Media
Photo: Ju Jing Yi / Weibo

Singer-actress Ju Jingyi’s 30th birthday on June 18 brought to light some contentious issues regarding her contract with her agency, Star48 (Siba Media) 丝芭影视. The agency took the opportunity to greet her and address the contract matters, issuing a formal statement to explain the situation.

Conflicting Statements from Ju Jingyi and Studio48

Star48 revealed that the idol-actress had been under contract with them for over 10 years (3957 days as of her 30th birthday). They stated that her first contract had already ended, and they were now in the second phase of their agreement, transitioning to a new stage based on the supplementary agreement terms. However, Ju Jingyi questioned this claim by simply writing “??” on social media.

That evening, Ju Jingyi clarified her side of the story, stating that she had informed the company of her decision not to renew the contract as of June 18, 2024, and she was unaware of any “second cooperation” mentioned by the agency. In response, Star48 issued another statement, saying that Ju Jingyi had signed an SNH48 exclusive artist contract on August 16, 2013, and a supplementary agreement on September 10, 2018. The company claims that Ju Jingyi had received the relevant notice.

statements from Ju Jing Yi and Studio48 (Siba)

Ju Jingyi, however, maintains that she was unaware of this supplementary agreement. Many of her fans support her claim, with some even providing evidence that it was impossible for her to have gone to the agency to sign the contract on September 10, 2018, as they have photos showing she flew directly back to Chengdu after traveling to Shanghai that day.

The situation continued the next day when Ju Jingyi’s assistant announced that they had lost access to her studio’s social media account because the password had been changed by someone else. As a result, they are temporarily using the assistant’s personal account to publish updates on behalf of the studio.

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