Mirror’s Keung To Fat Shamed by C-Netz Despite Slimmer Physique

Keung To and Mirror bandmates Frankie and Jeremy dancing to ASMRZ's Good Night Ojosama challenge
Photos: Keung_show / Instagram

With everyone jumping on the bandwagon with their own versions, chances are you’ve already seen the hugely viral dance “Goodnight Ojosama” challenge made popular by South Korean duo ASMRZ that’s making the rounds online. Celebs and artists too have also gotten in on the trend. Recently, a clip of Mirror member Keung To with bandmates Frankie Chan and Jeremy Lee doing the challenge went viral. Although the clip definitely drew a lot of attention which even got it trending on Chinese social media under the hashtag #HongKongTopStarKeungToDancesGoodnightOjosama#, it was Keung To’s weight in the video that unexpectedly became a hot topic among C-Netizens.

Nothing New

Okay so maybe not really as unexpected. Even before signing up to join the Good Night Show which gave him his big break into showbiz, Keung To had previously shared he got constantly bullied by his classmates for being chubby. As a teen, he’d weighed up to 90 kilos (200 lbs) at one point that it was detrimental to his health though he managed to get back in shape as he became one of Hong Kong’s top Cantopop stars, debuting at the age of 19 as part of Hong Kong boy band group Mirror.

Keung To and Mirror Bandmates Frankie and Jeremy doing the Goodnight Ojosama dance challenge
Keung To and Mirror Bandmates Frankie and Jeremy doing the Goodnight Ojosama dance challenge

However, the 25-year-old’s yoyoing weight has continued to be a topic of interest throughout his over 5-years long career in the industry thanks to his subsequent weight gain at the height of his career. Nowadays, Keung To has been appearing noticeably slimmer once more. Yet after the video was posted, some C-Netizens still criticised the 25-year-old for being “fat and greasy”  – a description repeated quite often in the comments online.

It seems a lot of Netizens are so fixated on his weight and are even questioning  how he could be a popular star in Hong Kong. Others commented how he looked like a Korean idol when he was several kilos lighter and how handsome he was when he was still thin. Poor Keung To. These days, to be a celebrity really requires having a thick hide since everyone practically requires perfection.

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