TVB Actress Elaine Yiu On Being Single and Meeting the Right Person

Elaine Yiu
Elaine Yiu
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Hong Kong actress Elaine Yiu recently spilled the tea on her dating life whilst appearing on the show Hong Kong Marital Affairs. Currently single, the 43-year-old actress shared even if she wants a relationship at the moment, she’s not gonna force it. “It’s not about finding someone to marry but all about meeting the right personFor me, marriage is a lifelong commitment.”

When asked if she’d ever met someone she wanted to marry, Elaine frankly answered in the affirmative. Looking back now however, she said the person she had in mind might not have been the right person for her after all and they’d probably end up divorced. “When you’re unhappy and confused, the people that come into your life are usually not the right ones for you. It’s just that when you’re at your lowest, anyone who comes along feels right.”

Elaine Yiu

Long Distance Relationships Were Not for Her

As for whether she’s open to LDRs, Elaine reveals she once had a Malaysian partner whilst she was still studying in Australia but things didn’t quite work out when it was time to go home. “After I finished my studies, I returned to Hong Kong whilst he returned to Malaysia. In the end, we broke up.” She added that whilst she studied communication in Uni, it appears communicating was not her strong suit.

Nonetheless, the 43-year-old is still very much open to finding the right partner for her but says she’ll be pretty chill about it and not force things to happen. 

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