Zhao Lusi’s Dessert Shop Faces Turmoil Due to a Former Employee

Zhao Lusi's Dessert Shop Faces Turmoil Due to a Former Employee

Aside from her glistening showbiz career, Rosy Zhao Lusi‘s side business, a quaint dessert shop in Hengdian, has also attracted a following. However, today’s hashtag about the 25-year-old star being betrayed by a former staff reveals trouble behind the scenes.

It turns out that a staff who is no longer employed did not return the dessert shop’s social media account and continued to sell items using said account, thereby misleading fans. This is why a notice was issued stating that the Xiaohongshu shop “RosyChat” is not owned by Zhao Lusi herself and currently, there are no branches in Chengdu. Apparently, some Keluli (Zhao Lusi’s fandom name 可露丽), who had already been deceived and bought from the shop, couldn’t recover their purchases. Hence, the statement clarified that the official account of Zhao Lusi’s dessert shop now goes by “RoooSyTime” on Xiaohongshu. The actress also left a comment saying, “Sorry,” though fans argue she doesn’t need to apologize as it isn’t her fault.

From the start, the actress was very involved with her cafe, called Rosy Wylie, and even documented the process from renovations to decorating the place with super cute stuff. Now, every corner has beautiful decor, and the food looks incredibly appealing. Many felt for the actress over what happened.

Zhao Lusi dessert shop

Source: Xiaohongshu

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