Zhang Zhehan Suddenly Unable to Attend Music Awards Show After Being Nominated for “Best Newcomer” in Taiwan

Zhang Zhehan
Zhang Zhehan
Photo: hitfmhitoradio / Facebook

It’s been a while since we’ve had updates on Zhang Zhehan who has since pivoted to music and releasing them internationally ever since getting “cancelled” in the mainland in 2021. The Chinese actor has relaunched his career as a singer-songwriter to considerable success, captivating audiences outside China, particularly in Asia. His popularity remains steadfast as he’s held concerts in Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia and even won Artist of the Year at a local Singapore awards show in 2023.

This year, the Word of Honor star has found himself nominated as “Best Newcomer” for HITO Pop Music Award, an annual Mandopop music awards show in Taiwan. Excited fans have gamely prepared for his arrival. Aside from splashing out for an LED wall outside the Taipei Arena where the ceremony will be held on Saturday, they’ve also raised money to rent out light boxes in the MRT. Unfortunately, all the preparations were all for naught as the 33-year-old unexpectedly backs out of the awards ceremony just two days before the event.

According to Taiwanese show presenter Hit FM network, they were notified by Zhang Zhehan’s agency Ran Yi Music letting them know that the artist will be unable to attend and participate in this year’s HITO Pop Music Awards Ceremony scheduled for the 25th of May. To the fans who’ve excitedly waited to see their idol once again, Hit FM issued an apology: “to the listeners and fans who love the artist Zhang Zhehan, we are deeply sorry and apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your support and understanding.” While it’s unfortunate that he could no longer attend, many are certainly waiting and hoping the artist can come back with an acting project this year.

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