Fu Meng-po Announces Marriage to His Manager-Wife and Parenthood

Fu Meng-po Announces Marriage and Parenthood

Fu Meng-po (Paul), a Taiwanese actor who has starred in C-dramas like “The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty,” and received acting acclaim for his performances in Taiwanese films, recently made headlines by announcing his marriage to his girlfriend of 11 years, who also happens to be his manager. The Taiwanese actor who celebrates his 37th birthday today, May 13, also revealed that they are expecting their first child, nicknamed An-An.

Fu Meng-po wrote on social media, “In 2013, we met each other, And this year marks our 11th year together. Thank you for all the understanding and care over these years, Thank you for the joys and sorrows we’ve experienced together, Thank you for all the laughter and arguments, Thank you, for giving me the opportunity to learn about love.

Fu Mengpo's wife pregnant

And today is my 37th birthday, I want to share a bit of joy with everyone, That is… Besides becoming a husband, I’m also going to be a father. To say I’m not nervous would be a lie, But let’s talk about what comes next when it comes, In these past few years, I’ve learned not to presuppose too much, Everything happens for the best. Thank you for everything, And I wish everyone peace and happiness.

Was yesterday the first Mother’s Day? Can we all wish An-An’s mom a happy Mother’s Day together? 😆”

The news of their union and impending parenthood was met with an outpouring of congratulations from many celebrity friends such as Alice Ke, Joe Cheng, Annie Chen and Austin Lin.

Source: fumengpaul / Instagram

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