“Sinister Beings 2” Finale and Talks of Season 3

"Sinister Beings 2" Finale and Talks of Season 3

The conclusion of Sinister Beings 2 逆天奇案2 has arrived, and while the ratings remained consistently strong throughout its run, reviews were negative, with many viewers feeling that the sequel fell short of the first season. Nevertheless, as the show wraps up, the success it achieved is undoubtedly cause for celebration among the cast and crew. There are already whispers from the cast that executive producer Lau Kar-ho, previously said to be retiring, is now considering filming Sinister Beings 3. Spoilers ahead!

Sinister Beings 2 Final Recap

Sinister Beings 2 ends with the revelation of Alex Fong’s true identity as the villain Perses, uncovered by Anna (Crystal Fung) after breaching her fiancé Daniel’s (Matthew Ko) computer. The tension escalates when Ngai Chi Lok (Jonathan Cheung) plants a bomb, determined to kill everyone as vengeance for the death of his wife. The main duo Sum Sir (Ruco Chan) and Nic Sir (Ben Wong) bravely step up to disarm the bomb, with the decision ultimately left to chance by drawing straws. In a shocking turn, Alex Fong’s character takes it upon himself to defuse the bomb, ultimately sacrificing his own life in the process.

Meanwhile, Chi Lok continues to evade capture, resorting to disguising himself as a taxi driver and kidnapping Rachel (Moon Lau). Through a race against time, Sum Sir and Nic Sir manage to track Rachel’s location using her phone. However, Chi Lok manages to evade capture once again, escaping by jumping into the river. With the assumption that he has perished in the waters, the case is hastily closed by the police.

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