Singer Faye Tells Her Side of the Story Regarding What Happened to F.I.R. Amid Lawsuit

Singer Faye Tells Her Side of the Story Regarding What Happened to F.I.R. Amid Lawsuit

The drama surrounding Taiwanese pop rock band F.I.R., once a top band known for many hit songs, has not ended even after all these years. Faye Zhan Wen-ting, the former lead vocalist of F.I.R., had filed a lawsuit against her former bandmate Ian Chen Chien-ning for document forgery. However, the charges were dropped, and Faye has now been counter-sued for alleged false accusations. The Taipei District Court recently summoned both parties, and after the hearing, Faye issued a statement explaining her side of the story.

F.I.R. Band Split

Many were shocked in 2018 when it was revealed that Faye was no longer part of the three-member group, which also included Ian Chen and Real Huang. The two sides had different accounts of the split, with Ian and Real claiming that Faye left voluntarily, while Faye insists she was kicked out. Despite the split, F.I.R. continued with a new lead singer named Lydia, coincidentally sharing the name with one of the band’s most popular songs.

F.I.R. with new lead vocal Lydia
Photo of F.I.R. with their new lead vocal: HIM International

Faye’s Statement

Amidst the attention surrounding the lawsuit, Faye has spoken out to present her side of the story. Faye begins by apologizing to her family, friends, and fans for causing concern, assuring them that she will face the court proceedings honestly and responsibly to uncover the truth.

Faye explained that she debuted with F.I.R. due to her shared musical vision with Ian Chen. However, she claims that in 2009, Ian registered the trademark “F.I.R.” under his company without informing the band members, causing a breach of trust. After her contract ended that year, Faye left Ian’s company, Expanding Music (無限延伸), and began signing contracts independently. In 2013, Ian allegedly signed a contract with HIM International Music on her behalf without her knowledge or authorization. Faye continued to perform as the lead singer, hoping the contract issues would be resolved. During these unresolved contract discussions, Faye claims she was suddenly informed by the other band members of new plans for F.I.R., plans that did not include her. Despite this exclusion, she wished the new F.I.R. well.

Allegations of Forgery

In 2019, Faye says she discovered a guarantee document, allegedly signed by her, stating that her entertainment career is managed by Expanding Music and HIM Music. She asserts that the signature was forged and that she had no knowledge of the document. Faye emphasizes that while she was willing to overlook past issues for the sake of the band, the forgery of her signature is a serious violation. She feels compelled to take legal action to protect herself and uphold the truth.

Ian Chen’s Response

Ian Chen, who also appeared in court, expressed gratitude that the court had dismissed the forgery charges. He stated that the forgery case has been resolved since the charges were dropped. He explains he’s only present in court as a witness in the case of false accusations against him and HIM International Music.

The ongoing legal battles and public statements from both parties suggest that the drama surrounding F.I.R. is far from over.

Source: faye.officialpage

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