Raymond Lam’s Journey Beyond Typecasting in Action Film ‘Twilight of the Warriors: Walled In'”

Raymond Lam's Journey Beyond Typecasting in Action Film 'Twilight of the Warriors: Walled In'"

Action film ‘Twilight of the Warriors: Walled In‘ (九龍城寨之圍城), previously known as ‘Kowloon Walled City,’ has emerged as a powerhouse at the box office, injecting much-needed vigor into the Hong Kong film industry. Additionally, it has been selected as an official entry at the Cannes Film Festival 2024. Despite his two-decade tenure in the industry, Raymond Lam has often found himself typecast as either a cop or a playboy. However, in ‘Twilight of the Warriors: Walled In,’ his portrayal of Chan Lok Kwan stands out. From enduring bullying to championing justice, Lam’s performance is deeply moving, not to mention his fighting sequences which were the result of rigorous training and physical conditioning despite the actor lacking formal martial arts training.

While Lam has enjoyed much success in his TV career, such as his iconic roles like ‘Bao Seed’ in ‘Line Walker,’ the 44-year-old actor shared he faced limited opportunities in movies due to typecasting. In an interview with news site HK01, he said a turning point came two years ago, marking a shift in his career trajectory. Signing with Louis Koo’s management company opened doors to diverse roles, for which Lam is grateful. He acknowledges the pivotal role played by Louis Koo in allowing him to explore new characters, including villainous roles in films like 2022’s ‘Detective Vs. Sleuths‘ and the upcoming ‘The Trier of Fact.’

For a period, Raymond Lam, alongside colleagues Bosco Wong and Ron Ng, were among the popular stars of TVB, but fame came attached with much criticism from netizens. Despite the labels attached to him, Lam remains unfazed, accepting both praise and criticism as part of the industry. He acknowledges that being memorable, even for negative reasons, is essential in the entertainment world. Besides, Lam’s resilience is evident as he continues to pursue his career with unwavering determination.

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