Ouyang Nana Says She Chose a “Diploma” over a “Degree,” Amidst Concern About Her Academics

Ouyang Nana, who was already an accomplished cellist since a young age before turning to showbiz, recently shared a photo of herself during her last week of school at Berklee College of Music. However, her finishing with a ‘Diploma’ prompted discussions about how she didn’t finish with an actual degree, known for offering a more comprehensive education. The “controversy” surrounding this decision revolves around the perception that it is less substantial. The 23-year-old star who’s still in the US took to social media in a video lasting over seven minutes to address fans and netizens.

She Chose to Pursue a Diploma

Ouyang Nana said that she woke up to find herself trending on the Weibo hot search, with some C-Netz expressing concerns about her academic qualifications and grades even more than her. Feeling the need to address these rumors, she emphasized that, compared to others her age, it’s true she took longer to graduate, but she feels no shame about it, nor should anyone with gap years.

Nana explained her choice, highlighting the difference between a ‘Diploma’ and a ‘Degree,’ particularly noting that the latter involves general education requirements. She believes time is precious and has her own plans for her studies, life, and career, which led her to opt for the shorter program focused on music.

Contrary to speculation, it didn’t take her six years just to obtain a diploma. She clarified that although her time at Berklee technically spans six years (2018-2022), there was a three-year gap during which she pursued activities such as participating in variety shows and hosting exhibitions, all of which were meaningful to her. She also mentioned having discussions with the president and teachers of Berklee, along with plans to establish scholarships to help others in the future. In conclusion, she emphasized that whatever path one ends up having is ultimately depended on their own choices, which she’s thankful to have the opportunity to do for herself.

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