North Korean Trainee Makes K-pop History by Joining Survival Show “Make Mate 1”

Kim Hakseong

Reality competition program “Make Mate 1” recently aired, introducing viewers to its 36 contestants. Among them is Kim Hak-seong who has now become the first North Korean trainee to join a South Korean survival show in the history of K-pop. The aspiring idol shared his initial worries about adapting to South Korean society upon defecting from North Korea in 2017, saying, “When I first came to Korea, my biggest worry was how to adapt to society… I often watched TV, and because the idols on TV were so handsome, I always dreamed of becoming an idol myself.”

He further explained his decision to audition, revealing, “Originally, it was difficult for me to openly reveal my background, but if I didn’t challenge myself here, I might have escaped or avoided (my own background). So, seizing this opportunity, I believe I will become stronger.” Kim Hakseong’s presence on the show signifies a significant milestone in the K-pop industry. His story not only showcases bravery in chasing dreams but also underscores the power of perseverance in the face of adversity.

It’s worth noting that Kim Hakseong is not the first North Korean defector to venture into the K-pop industry; others like Hyuk and Seok from SB Boyz, a trainee group set to debut in 2024, have also made strides in this direction.

Source: MAKEMATE1 / Twitter

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